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TftCN: Saint Patrick’s Day brought to you by Pirates?!?

Saint Patrick’s Day brought to you by Pirates?!?

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, most of us prepare our green clothing, Irish food, and of course drink. Be it a green milkshake for the wee lads and lass, or something with a bit more BITE for the adults.  And if asked what we are celebrating most people will tell you. It’s St. Paddy’s day!  If asked for more information most people would tell you that St. Patrick was famous for driving all the snakes out of Ireland and into the sea. (Though most historians think this may not be real snakes, as much as “metaphorical” evil)  But what you may not know is that Patrick was born the son of a wealthy family, and way back, in the year 389 A.D., as a sixteen year old boy, he was kidnapped by Celtic pirates and taken to sell for a slave in Northern Ireland. Though after 7 years he escaped his captivity to return home, he became a priest / bishop and returned to Ireland. In an effort to convert as many of the Irish as he could to Christianity, he did his many wondrous deeds, whether real or metaphorical. But in a way it could be said that none of this would have been possible if not for the Pirates who brought him to Ireland in the first place.

Okay..  so it is a BIT of a stretch, but tomorrow while you are enjoying the festivities and celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, take a moment to utter a “Yarr!” and raise a toast for the Pirates who made this day  possible.


TGIF! Have a happy and safe holiday! See you  next week.

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