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TftCN: Lady Mayhem: Mistress of the Hounds

Today we have a special  treat  for you. Here is the story  of  Lady  Mayhem newly  revised for your  enjoyment.



Lady Mayhem: Mistress of the Hounds

“I was sent on a mission to procure certain official documents for my lord, and I was told the person I should seek was known only as Lady Mayhem. I was sent to the Harbour and told to seek her upon a vessel known as the Raging Saint Mae. When I arrived I was greeted by the Topwatch Kitsune and told the lady in question was a shore on leave this night. I was given directions to a wooded clearing upon the island and as I approached I heard rythmic chanting and the beat of several drums. I could see shadows upon the hillside like those produced by dancers by a large fire, but before I could move any further to get a better veiw of the clearing I was greeted by an arrow a mere handspan from my face and the lyrical voice of the sentry asking me my business. I quickly rummaged through my memory for the correct response which my lord had bade me to speak. “I search for mischief and Mayhem, sirrah” Behind me I heard the low growl of a hound, and saw the shadow of yet another rather large greyhound to my side.

A hooded woman entered into my veiw but all that I could see was her eyes which were the color of the sky. They glowed in the light of the firelight as she approached me carrying a bow. “Show me your gold, sir. I removed a bag of gold from my belt and made as if to approach the lady. But the greyhound was in front of me taking the bag from my hand and the other circled as if looking for a reason to attack. I know of your business sir, and this may take a few moments, please come into the clearing whist I take care of this. As I entered the clearing I saw several people dancing with wild abandon to the chants and the beat of the drums. The Rum and Mead flowed freely and as I waited I found that I could not resist the urge to join in. It was if I was compelled and could not say no. I have no memory of the events that followed the next thing I knew I awoke with two gold coins placed upon my eyes and a document in a scroll case placed upon my chest. There was no sign of people or even evidence of the revelry from the night before and if not for the document which I now held and my missing coin purse I would believe that I had dreamed it all. I stood to find that I had removed all my clothing and left them strewn from several trees, and yet I felt more alive that day than I had in many a year.” 

Henry Butler former manservant of Lord Blackwater

Year of the Summer Storms

Excerpt from The Tavern of the Lost Souls, Tales of the Lost

Lady Mayhem was always the child of two worlds. Daughter of a Viking warlord, and her mother a lady in waiting upon the english court, she always had one foot on sea and the other firmly  planted on land. At home in both, when she came of age she left home in search of fortune and adventure and found both in a group known as the Rogues.

For many a year the sea was her home, and she served proudly aboard a ship known as the Raging Saint Mae. There she found adventure and camaraderie but as the years passed  she found that she longed for her other love more and more. Over the years she purchased an estate on the  Eilean er Coayl Grayse, and there she would spend her shore leave. But in the Year of the Broken Mast, she decided to take a position as Certified Intoxicologist (Brewmeister) to “The House” and put down some roots for awhile. And now new adventures await,  but there will be plenty of time for those tales…

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