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TftCN: All things piratey- Pirate treasure

Today  is  the  first installment of a new set of articles featuring Pirate history,  facts, fiction, and trivia. We will be listing these articles under “All things Piratey” .  Though many of the people who love pirates may be well versed in the stories of many of the famous characters thoughout history, we would like to  share with those who may  not.  So without further adieu.

Pirate treasure

During the Golden age of Piracy Spain minted their currency in silver and gold. Spanish money was originally  minted by hand. The silver and gold was melted down into  thin strips. As the metal cooled it was beaten into  the desired thickness by  hand. Then the coins were cut out to  the approximate size and the blank was placed into a coin die ( or stamp). The face or head side would be struck , and then the tails, with  a hammer and the die into  the  soft metal. It would then be weighed and if over , small pieces would be “nipped off”.

Later,  a coin press was used pressing both sides at once and cutting off the extra metal  making them more uniform.

The word “doubloon” is derived from the Spanish dobla, which means “double,” a reference to the fact that the doubloon was worth twice that of the pistole, the regular Spanish gold coin. Going progressively down the scale of value, the Spaniards also dealt in reales, coins of much smaller denomination. Incidentally, the “pieces of eight” which crop in stories about pirates would have been worth eight reales, or around 1/16 of a doubloon.

Finr Full 8 Gold Doubloon

Pieces Of Eight

Spanish Pieces of Eight from Spanish shipwreck off Florida Coast Photo Courtesy of Dr. Robert E. Lee Spence


Picture of Authentic 8 escudo Spanish Doubloon from Florida Shipwreck 1715 Senora de la Regla

This is a picture of a Rare US minted Doubloon Minted by a man named Ephraim Brasher. This picture is the coin from the Smithsonian collection.

Brasher Doubloon Smithsonian Collection. Reverse side

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