TftCN: Twas the Night Before Christmas (Colorado Rogue Style)

23 Dec

As a Christmas present to all of ye, we have a modified version of the Moore/Livingston poem that has endured for generations.  And though there are many variations of the poem we hope you will like our take on it.

Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! Happy Hanukkah! and Happy Holidays to  all! MAD PROPS to Daphne Tart N Sweet  for helping me put this together.  

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Colorado Rogue Style)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Fleet,
All the ships were in port; On the island they’d meet.
The stockings and mugs hung by the bulkhead with care,
In hopes that St. Nick would bring booty to share.

The treasures were kept safe on the Raging Saint Mae,
Inspiring visions of the Commodore in her fine array.
And I in my cabin, swaying slowly at ease,
Had just started dreaming of a cool island breeze.

When out on the deck there arose a commotion,
I arose from my hammock and looked out at the ocean.
Away from my cabin, I trudged up the ramps,
Out on the deck and lit all the lamps.

The moonlight did shine on our newly sewn sails,
Casting shadows of rigging on hulls and on rails
When what did the view in my spyglass show now?
But St. Nick, on his sleigh, headed straight for our bow

A dark ship behind him with canon alight,
Aimed at poor St. Nick, lending woe to his plight.
I sounded the bell, the captains all came,

The Commodore bellowed and called each by name

 “Now Ogre! Now Jettie! Morgan and Stalkie!
On Devyne, Ohm, Zetsumei, Boutz, me fyne hearties!
Santa needs help and the Fleet will give aid,
We go into battle, now the plan has been laid.

From the top of the crow’s nest, to the top of the mast,
Hoist the colors, full canvas, raise anchor, and fast!”
So into the fray, the Rogues they did steer,
To save poor St. Nick, both his booty and beard.

And then in a thunder, I heard like a growl,
The roar of cannon fire across the port bow.
As I followed my orders and changed the ship’s course,
Over the rail came a ladder, at once clear the source.

He was dressed all in tatters, from his head to his boot,
And his clothes were all shabby from gunpowder and soot.
His suit was once fine and his colors once bold,
But he’d been long in battle and his warmth had grown cold

His sleigh that once rose high over mountains and stones,
Was now in the deep, sinking to Davy Jones
The great sack of gifts that he carried in stride,
Made glittery bubbles as it sank in the tide

We took in this moment and considered this sight,
And decided we pirates would save Christmas Night!

The Blood Eagle fired first as she turned to the bow,
Captain Stalkie stood stalwart hollering, ” NOW!”

The Nautilus fired next and her missile hit home,
Neptune’s revenge exacted by Captain Ohm.
On board the Crimson Storm, tack and sheets flew,
They raced around and up behind the ship with the mutinous crew

Devyne’s crew used brassieres as ingenious slingshots,
firing hot coals from under the Galley’s cook pots
The Sinister came in, Ogre calm at the wheel
With their cannon ablaze, the dark ship did keel

At last the ship that dared to shoot down St. Nicholas’ sleigh
Abruptly turned starboard and ran fast away
At once we all cheered and began to excitedly chatter
St. Nick gave a sigh so I said “What’s the matter?”

He said, “I am most thankful for my life you have saved,
But I fear that fulfilling Christmas wishes is grave,
For you see, I am here, but my sleigh is now gone,
And I have no bag of presents to bring along.”

Zetsumei stepped forward, with a twinkle in her eye,
She said, “All you need is a ship that can fly.”
“You might want these too,” said Fingers, pulling packages out of his coat,
Producing box after box, he began to gloat.

“I got the gifts”, he said, “there is no need to say thanks,
I tried to get the damn bag before it all sank.”
St. Nicks face bore the greatest look of relief,
All thanks to us scallywags and a masterful thief

We loaded the toys on the Koumori with care
With the knowledge that St. Nicholas soon would be there
The ship’s batwings flapped and rose into the night
And we heard Merry Christmas to all! Yo-Ho-Ho and good night!

By Daphne Tart n Sweet  &  Tempest Stormbringer

© 2011 Belinda Turner and Melissa Carleo

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