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TftCN – Captain David Morgan: The Other Captain Morgan

Today on Tales from the Crow’s Nest it is my pleasure to present to you the story of The Other Captain Morgan , Captain of The Crimson Storm.

Known for his kind heart and prowess in fighting Captain Morgan has been a member of The Colorado Rogues for many  a year. Below is the tale of his youth. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Captain David Morgan: The Other Captain Morgan

David Morgan was the youngest son of Robert Morgan. Robert Morgan was a squire of Llanrhymny in Glamorgan, Wales. He and his wife had four sons, Henry, Charles, Samuel, and David. In David’s ninth year he accompanied his father on a voyage to England. On the return trip home the ship they were traveling on, The Circe, was attacked by pirates. During the battle David was sent below decks to hide, however he never made it back to his cabin. As he was ready to go below decks he turned to see his father fall beneath the sword of one of the pirate invaders. He ran back to avenge his father picking up a sword from one of the fallen men along the way. However his gaze was so intent on making his way to his father side that he neglected to watch his back. He never saw the man behind him who cold cocked him and dragged him away. A fierce battle ensued and many losses were suffered by all people aboard. In the end the pirates set The Circe aflame, as they left. Robert Morgan was dragged to one of the row boats and when he regained consciousness it was to see the ship aflame and no David among the survivors. His son was presumed dead among the wreckage.

When David revived to find himself in the hold of the Pirate ship, his first thought was the memory of his father whom he failed to avenge. How could he ever face his family, his Mother and his brothers with news of his Fathers death and his failure? At that moment he wished that he had died along side the crew of the Circe. He had no way of knowing that the wounds his father sustained were not mortal injuries. When the Captain came to the hold to gather information on their prisoners he told them only that his name was David and that he was an orphan. During the battle several of the pirates had been injured including the ship’s cook, who demanded some help in the galley. The Captain selected David due to the fact that his wounds were superficial, and he would be of little use as a hostage, until they could recoup their losses at the slave auction. He was found to be a good assistant. The cook convinced the Captain to keep the young lad on for awhile until his usefulness wore out.

During this time David had become acquainted with the basic chores of ship life, in addition to his kitchen duties. After about 11 months back at sea the ship was involved in a horrific battle in which both ships were destroyed. David had now taken to spending a bit of time each day in the crows nest covering for the lookout, who, would sleep most of the afternoon if allowed. When the battle began David was still in the crows nest when he heard a loud crack as the mast was hit by a cannonball. As he plunged into the ocean depths the last thing he remembered was a thunderous explosion of the powder kegs as they caught fire, and the brilliant hue of the evening sky which appeared to be aflame even through the filter of the ocean water which enveloped him. When he awoke he found himself adrift on a piece of railing from the ship. There was ultimate carnage all around him and as he struggled to find a better makeshift life raft. As he paddled among the debris he spotted another small form struggling in the water. He arrived just as it began to slip beneath the water for a second time. David was able to reach the small form before it went under the water again and pull it up onto his piece of wood. It wasn’t until he had the form on the raft that he realized it was a girl.

When the girl finally awoke David was glad to have some company. David and the small girl named Missy began trying to collect supplies form the pieces left of both ships. They lucked out and found several water barrels that were still full of water and others that were full of rum. They lashed these to the raft and continued to gather anything of use and then tried to figure out what they were going to do to find land. They floated for two more days before they saw anything else on the horizon. On the sunrise of the third day they watched as a shape crested on the horizon, it seemed to take forever to come close to them. It was a ship from the Far East known as The Shadow Dragon.

The captain had seen the smoke caused by the battle had come to render aid in the battle or to search for survivors. As they approached the grisly scene the Captain Li was very surprised to find the two children alive and well on their well stocked raft. Both children were rescued from the waters and taken aboard. The Captain soon developed a strong fondness for both of the children as they filled a spot in his heart that had been hollow since the death of his own family. The captain raised the two children as if they were his own, he taught them to be good sailors and good people but also he taught them the ways of the Far East and their ways of Fighting. Both children grew into confident leaders, and strong fighters. After several years there was a battle with a pirate ship off the coast of Africa. The Sea wolf, Captained by Charles Grey, who was well known to be a ruthless pirate and slave trader, was encountered on one of the Shadow Dragons many voyages. The encounter turned out to be a terrible encounter for Captain Charles Grey in fact. David having grown to manhood was eager to prove his skills and as the battle began David decided he would be the one to challenge Captain Charles Grey. So it was David who slew the Captain and took the Sea Wolf as his own ship. The Captain of the Shadow Dragon agreed it was time for David to have command of the ship he had won and what was left of her crew.

 What crew that was left of the Sea Wolf, were all given the option to sail under the new captain or be set upon an island, most chose to stay aboard as they felt no one could be as bad as Charles Grey had been. The ship was re-christened The Wolfsbane to commemorate the defeat of such a vile pirate. The Wolfsbane set off on its own, separating David and Missy for the first time in over ten years. Among the remaining members of the crew, was Charles Grey’s mistress, Scarlett. She stayed on vowing to be the best crew member Captain D. Morgan could ever hope to have. While also thinking that in time she would be able to wrest control of the ship from Captain Morgan, as she was the only rightful captain for this ship. Scarlett provided much excitement on board ship in her attempts to turn the crew against Captain Morgan. In a final power play, she tried to incite a mutiny and was given her choice of walking the plank or being cast adrift in a row boat for her treachery. Captain Morgan was loathe to commit cruelty to a woman even one who would act in the way she did, which is the only reason why she was even given the option of a row boat. She opted to be cast adrift. There were a few members of the crew who also wished to leave and they were set upon a deserted Isle. Shortly afterward The Wolfsbane set sail for Eilean er Coayl Grayse , or The Isle of Lost Grace. Originally there only to take on supplies and make repairs after the battle, when he made port he found several comrades among the Captains of other ships which had also found their way to the isle. They decided to band together and form a fleet of sorts run under the command of a pirate named Captain Amon of the Sungod. He became their Commodore.

After a few years David was reunited with his brother Henry who was all to happy to find him alive and well. But during his time away he found that his Mother had fallen ill and died and his Father had remarried and started a new family. He made the decision that for the time being it was best that the rest of the family still believed him dead. He returned to the sea which was now more home to David than land and his crew more family to him than his blood. One evening in a pub Captain Morgan came across someone who was very familiar to him, it was his childhood friend Missy now known as Mistress Blade. They reminisced for hours and in time he convinced her to leave her current post aboard The Rising and join him as his first mate. His crew was battle hardened and feared across the seven seas. They supplemented their voyages with cargos of rum delivered to the islands. Captain Morgan found love with his Navigator Stargazer, and family with his crew.

 But the story doesn’t end there,   just this part of the tale.

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