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TftCN- Ship Stories: The Crimson Storm, Christened in Blood

Today we have the tale of  The Crimson Storm.  When Captain D. Morgan originally  set sail it was aboard the vessel named The Wolfsbane and she sailed for several  years under his command.  In this tale we find out what happened to  that ship and how they came home upon the ship they sail  today. And now for our story…

The Crimson Storm: Christened in Blood

We had been at sea for about three months when we began to see black dots on the horizon following us. Soon we realized that they were ships of the Spanish Armada out searching for the Wolfsbane and its crew…

Could it be the last port we were in had a problem with our Payment methods? So we took a couple of people hostage and held them for ransom…

We gave them back when we were paid, and they were “relatively” unmolested and unharmed, well mostly.

Or perhaps it was that ship a month or so ago that we aided by lightening their load… we graciously redistributed their booty to those who were in more need, and could pay our price. … Who knows? Or maybe even that last village we visited; did they really think we would accept beads as payment for supplies? I mean come on we are pirates, not cheap jewelry makers. Silly Lubbers!

The chase was on everywhere we traveled they were right behind us. At every turn they seemed to be slowly gaining. Sure we could out run one maybe even two but as the third showed up on our aft, we knew we would have to fight our way out.

Captain David Morgan decided he had enough of this watery cat and mouse game. We decided to stand our ground, and fight!

The three ships kept trying to maneuver us into their trap. It had been three days of this little chess game without a check mate. Captain Morgan decided to make a daring move during the night and out maneuver the 3 ships of the Spanish Armada to end this stand off. It was decided to sacrifice our Queen in order win this stalemate. We rigged the Wolfsbane to explode, and sent her directly into those two ships that kept themselves too closely together. We knew they were trying to draw our attention away from the third ship which had been working into position on the far side of us in an attempt to catch us in the cross fire unaware. A few members of the crew readied the Wolfsbane for its final voyage, set the powder kegs and rum to ignite. Captain Morgan and the rest of the crew quietly loaded the row boats and began to move towards the third enemy ship.

It was lucky for us that the night was moonless and the third Spanish ship was traveling with out any lighting. This darkness allowed Captain Morgan’s crew to circle around the ship and sneak up silently next to the ship. We got into position and caught them by surprise, just as the Wolfsbane exploded into the other two Spanish ships. With their attention on the explosion the Spanish soldiers never saw Captain Morgan and his crew until it was too late. What a beautiful send off it was for the Wolfsbane. It was so bright and so devastatingly successful in destroying the other ships.

Check mate.

Only one person was left alive aboard the Spanish ship. He was a prisoner we found below deck. Captain Morgan decided to christen his new ship the Crimson Storm, so named for all the red blood that flowed that night she was captured.

The Crimson Storm set off for the Caribbean where we took part in a family reunion of sorts. As Captain Morgan’s brother Henry, was rather busy these days, we were invited to join in the Morgan family business of disbursing  rum to the colonies to supplement our endeavors. It only took a few trips before the crew of the Crimson Storm, was also known as “Captain D. Morgan’s Rum Runners”.


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