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TftCN- Landlubber’s guide- Cranberry Salad

Today’s holiday recipe  was donated by TK from the Nautilus.

Cranberry Salad





1 lb (appx. 1 – 1/2 bags) of fresh Cranberries 

2   Red apples (cored)

1  can of Pinapple chunks

2 cups granulated sugar

2 boxes Raspberry jello

3 cups Hot water


Grind 1 lb. of cranberries (about 1- 1/2 bags of the whole cranberries) and 2 cored apples. Add 2 cups sugar and stir until dissovled. Add 1 regular #2 sized can of pineapple, juice and all. Dissovle 2 boxes of rasberry jello into 3 cups of hot water. Mix together and put in an oblong cake pan (I always just use a really big bowl – or two because it makes a lot!) chill until set (several hours – or overnight)


Stay  tuned tommorrow for Butter Pecan Cheesecake with Chocolate glaze.

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